Township of Readington, New Jersey



Where to Apply:

• The Registrar of Vital Statistics where either partner resides.
• If both partners are non-residents of NJ, apply with the Registrar of Vital Statistics where the marriage will be performed.

When to Apply:

• Once the application is taken, there is a 72-hour waiting period before it can be issued.
• Once the license is issued, it must be used within 30 days.
• The Readington Township Registrar's office is open 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please call ahead for an appointment at 908-534-4051.

What to Bring When Applying:

• A witness that knows both partners.
• If divorced or annulled, bring final decree.
• If widowed, bring copy of death certificate.
• Identification: Driver's license with current address (if address is not current, bring proof of residency, ie: utility bill, lease, bank statement, etc.), birth certificate (optional), or passport.

What You Must Know When Applying:

• Both partner's social security numbers.
• Both partner's parent’s names (including mother's maiden name)
• Where both partner's parents were born (state or country)
• Where both partners were born (city and state)
• Date and location of the marriage ceremony.
• Name and address of person performing the ceremony.

FEE: $28.00 EXACT cash or check (no credit cards) paid at the time of application.

Marriages officiated by the Mayor:

  • The Readington Township Mayor is available to officiate weddings. Ceremonies may be held at your home, a nearby park or restaurant, or in the Municipal Court Room. Please contact the Registrar of Vital Statistics (908-534-4051) if you wish to have the Mayor officiate a wedding ceremony.