Township of Readington, New Jersey



Our Mission

The mission of the Readington Township Recreation Department is to offer diverse recreational and community activities based on demand and availability of facilities for the greatest number of Readington residents that are enjoyable, meaningful, and productive leading to a healthy and positive lifestyle.

2021 Recreation Committee Members

Name Title Term
Sharon Bobnar-Becker  Chair 12/31/21
Bill Quinn  Vice Chair 12/31/21
Melissa Adams  Committee Member 12/31/21
Ken Groel  Committee Member 12/31/21
John Hunt Committee Member 12/31/21
Allison Quintard Committee Member 12/31/21
Mark Toman Committee Member 12/31/21
Gabrielle Bolarakis  Director  
Lisa Baum  Asst Director  
Alex DeFilippo Asst Director  

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